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  Articles Since Inception
(1961)    Volume 4  

Issue 1
93     Agricultural Indebtedness of Paidipalli, Narayana, D.L,p.1             
94     A Perspective of Oilseeds, Bansil, P.C. p.14        
95     Nature and Value of Economic Activity in the Eastern District of Uttar Pradesh, Parashar,R.K. p.49    
96     The Organisation of Road Transport Undertakings in Punjab (India) Saggar, R. K, p.71
97     A Note on Analysis of Plan Progress Data, Vaidyanathan, K.E, p. 133        
Issue 2                  
98     Management Challenge in Industry, Dasgupta, A., p.151               
99     Housing: The Problem and the Plan, Anantaram, K. p. 169           
100   Agricultural Holdings: Consolidation and Ceilings, Rajamani, A.N. p.178   
101   Regional Development in India since 1951, Vaidyanathan, K.E, p. 223      
102   Industrial Potentialities of Andhra Pradesh, Seetharamaswami K, p. 245   
103   Small Industry Study: Methodology and Concepts, Thapar, S.D. p. 291     
Issue 3                  
104   Indian Exports in the Doldrums- A Problem of Development Disequilibrium, Anantaram,
          K. p.315     
105   Rayalaseema: A Famine Spot of India, Narayana, D.L. p.339      
106   Nature and Extent of Underdevelopment and its Causes in the Eastern Districts of Uttar
          Pradesh, Parashar, R.K.p.362
107   Planning Organisation and Process in USSR, Mathew, T, p.377     
108   Capital Market and Industrial Development in the Private Sector, Naidu, V. Tirupathi, p.386     
109   Future School Population in the Republic of Korea 1960-1975, lm, TB, Ramachandran,
          KV p.395   
110   Agriculture and the Third Five year Plan, Naidu, I.J, p. 431             
111   Industry, Bhandari, P.L. p.433              
112   Industrialisation in Andhra Pradesh through Small Scale Industries, Macheria, Rama Row, p. 437    
113   Education and the Third Plan, Rao, Ekbote Gopal, p.442.              
114   Third Five Year Plan-Financing Resources, Subramaniam, K, p. 447           
Issue 4                  
115   From Commonwealth to Common Market, Anantaram, K, p. 466              
116   The Third Plan of Andhra Pradesh, narayana, B.K, p.494              
117   Evaluation of the Effects of Land Reform, Sundaram, T.R. p.504               
118   Trends in Indian Federal Finance, Nagarajan, P. p.523    
119   Some Aspects of Regulated markets Dealing in Oilseeds, Devarajan, P. p.531           
120   Organization of Public Enterprises: A Critique of Estimates Committee’s  recommendations,Rao, M, Nagaraja, p. 550       
121   Extent of Mixed Employment in India, Ganasekaran, K.S, p.561

(1962)    Volume 5

Issue 1                  
122   Export Promotion and Economic Development in India , Ramakrishna, GV, p.1      
123   Indo-Pakistan Trade, Anantaran, K. p.13           
124   Balanced Growth, Gupta, K.R, p.32     
125   Finances of Andhra Pradesh District between 1932-33 and 1953-54, Rao, M, Lakshmikantha, p.44        
126   The Role of Extension Education in Economic Growth in an underdeveloped Economy with Special Reference to the          Community Development Movement in India, Mani R.S. p. 52.           
127   Population and Active Persons in Indian States, Rao, V.V. Bhanoji, p.64.  
Issue 2                  
128   New Dimensions in Indian Management, Dasgupta, A. p. 115       
129   Some Problems of Large Irrigation Projects, Vidyasagar, K. I. P. 137           
130   Housing Finance –An Investment in Living, Anantaran, K. p. 147               
131   Bonus Policy: Some Principles and Problems, Reddy, G. Raghava p. 163   
132   Primary and Secondary Educational Prospects in Orissa State, Misra, J.K. Sivaurthy, M.
133   A Note Adam Smith’s Concept of Economic Growth, Rao, T. Narayana,  p. 205     
134   Inventory Investments: Concepts and Measurement (A Study of Methodology), Behari
          Bepin, p.255              
135   Methodology of Planning Forum “Village Surveys, Narayana, D.L. p. 269 
136   On the Agreement of Some Rank Indicators as Applied to the Andhra Pradesh Districts,
         Rao, VVB, Sharma, RSS, Swamy, NRK, p.283 
Issue 3                  
137   The Logical Foundation of Economic Theory, Wu, SY, p. 301      
138   Emergency in the Export sector-Challenge to Indian Economic Development, Anantaran, K. p. 311    
139   Public Enterprises and Parliamentary Questions- An Analysis, Subbaramaiah, S. Naidu, L.Kothandarama p. 346         
140   Doctrine of Comparative Costs and Underdeveloped Countries, Gupta, K.R. p.373
141   First Five year Plans of India and Pakistan-A Comparative Study, Narayana, B.K. p.383
142   On the Comparability of Addition to Working Population during the First and Second
          Plans –1961 Census and Plan Estimates, Yegnaraman, Y.S. p. 401.             
143   A New Deal for Rural India, Anantaran, K. p.410            
Issue 4                  
144   Labour-Using Techniques and their Effect on Disguised Unemployment, Wu, S.Y. p.442
145   An Alternative to Common Market: An Export Consortium of ECAFE Countries,   Anantaram, K. p.451        
146   Inter-Relationship between Production and Marketable Surplus, Kahion, A.S, Dwivedi, HN, p.471            
147   Agricultural Marketing: The Need for Co-ordination, Devarajan, P. p.489  
148   Observations on the Velocity of Money in the Republic of the Suden, Mcioughlin, Peter F M, p.506           
149   The Problem of Aggregation in Linear Programming in the Context of the Theory of the Firm, Mukherjee, V, p.517
150   Some Notes on Motivation Development and Management Education, Latwin, George, p. 561   
 151  A Note on an Approach for the Estimation of Regional Demand for Electric Energy in 1970-71, Rawat, B.L, Ahuja, AK p,569

(1963)    Volume 6  

152   India’s Trade with the Regimented Economics: Its Scope and Stability, Anantaran, K.p.1
153   A Note on James Mill’s theory of Colonial Policy and his Views on India, Ghosh, R. N.p.23
154   Population Growth and Per-Capita Income in Underdeveloped Economics, Samuel, T J, p. 31      
155   Bonus- A Study of Industrial Awards: An Indian Experience, Rao, T. Jaganmohan, p.43
156   Agriculture-Non Agricultural Relative Tax Burden, Rajamani, A.N. p.65    
157   Recent Trends in Industrial Relations, Reddy, G, Raghava, p. 73  
158   Motive Forces of Soviet Economy, Birman, A, p. 109     
159   Milk Supply in Hyderabad City-Its problems and its impact on the rural economy, p.113
160   Yugoslav Economy in 1963, p.119      
161   Motivation and Productivity, p. 124    
162   Consumers’ Co-operatives, p.129         
163   Politics and Economics in India’s Five Year Plans, p. 135               
Issue 2                  
164   Trends in Recent Industrialization, Mahajan, V.S. p. 153               
165   State Trading-Catalyst of Economic Development, Anantaran, K.p. 168   
166   Country Study: India-Fiscal Imbalance, Money Supply and Economic Growth (1951-1963), Fernando, STG, p.183         
167   Occupational Mobility in India, Reddy, V. Meera, p.203
168   A Brief Review of Electric Power Supply in Andhra Pradesh, Rao, L.S. Narayan, p.215          
169   Production Function for Manufacturing Industry in Andhra Pradesh, Swamy, PAVB, Rao S.N. p.230    
170   Population Projection for Iran, 1956-1976, Brozorgi, Nasser Maroufi, p.257             
171   Effective Management: A Social Science, Prasad, S.B. p. 265       
172   A Note on the Possible Adequacy of the Cobb-Douglas Production Function when Observed Elasticity of the Wage-Rate WRT Gross Average Labour-Productivity is less than One,Mukherjee, V. p. 275         
Issue 3                  
173   Dimensions of Economic Development, An       
174   Sensitivity and Build-in Flexibility, Thimmiah, G, p.301  
175   Trends in Capital-Output Ratios in Organised Industries in India, Gupta, T.R, p.320
176   A Study of the Problems of minor Irrigation, Rajamani, A.N, p.328             
177   The Effect of Economic Development on Population Growth in Underdeveloped Countries, Samuel, TJ, p.324.
178   Asset Preference in Developing Economies, Nijhawan, I.P. p.361.
179   Mineral Development in Andhra Pradesh, Ramakrishna, G.V. p. 402.
180   Financial Management in Public Enterprises, Ramakrishna, G.V. p. 410.
181   Rural Community Development, p. 414.
Issue 4
182   Resource Development Policy and Economic Growth, Jha, S.C. p. 431.
183   Population Growth and Economic Development in Talwan, 1951-1963, Fan, Grank TH, p. 440.
184   India’s Exports in 1963-94 -- An Analysis for Auguries for the Fourth Plan, Anantaram, K, p. 463.
185   Pareto’s Law and the Distribution of Estimated Number of Persons by Expenditure Classes, Gupta, T R, Chawla, A S p. 486.
186   Ceiling on Landholdings in India, George, P T, p. 495.
187   Rationale of Planning for Transport Capacity, Mathew, MO, p. 535.
188   Inter-Sectoral Dependence between Industry and Agriculture, Khan, W.A, Dhawan, B.D, p. 541.
189.  Panchayathi Raj in Andhra Pradesh, Iyyangar, A Krishnaswamy, p. 545.
(1964)    Volume 7             
Issue 1
190. Quantitative Measures of Credit Control in India, singh, D Bright, p. 1.
191   Economic Growth and Spatial Distribution of Population, Ambannavar, Jaipal P, p. 21.
192   Expanding horizons of Trade: Need for Closer Indo-African Economic Relationship,Anantara, K, p. 33.
193   Tensions in Agricultural Development, Rajamani, A.N. p. 49.
194   Rural Unemployment in India, Panikar, P.G.K, p. 63.
195   Land Reforms, Agricultural Production and Prices, George, P.T, p. 79.
Issue 2
196   Population Projections for India: 1961-1976, Ramachandran, K.V, Kumar, Joginder, p.141.
197   the Multi-Stage Process of Economic Decision-Making, Prasad, S.B, p. 157.
198   Some Aspects of Government Assistance to Small Scale Industries in India, Ramakrishna,K.T, p. 164.
199   Land Alienation and Land Reforms, George, P.T, p. 179.
200   Financing Panchyati Raj in Andhra Pradesh, Rao, T Rama, p. 199.
201   The Role of Monetary Policy in Economic Development, Mathew, E.T, p. 224.
202   Leather Tanning Industry in Industry in India -- The Structure of its Exports-Sector, Nair, P. A, Krishnamurty, O.S, p. 231.
203   GATT and Dumping, Gupta, K.R, p. 262.
204   A Note on Industries in Pakistan, Seth, K.L, p. 268.
Issue 3
205   Growth Patterns in the Economies of South and East Asia, Lakhera, M.L, p. 279.
206   The IMF, World Liquidity and the Developing Economies, Singh, D Bright, p. 293.
207   The GATT with Special Reference to India, Jussawalla, M.F. p. 313.
208   Some Aspects of Local Planning in Andhra Pradesh, Natarajan, K. B, p. 329.
209   The Chinese Economy since the Great Leap Forward, Shrian, O.N. p. 387.
210   International Liquidity and Balance of Payments, Simon, P.J, p. 387.
211   The Pattern of Rural-Urban Consumer Expenditure in Andhra Pradesh, Chadda, T.R,
          p. 395
Issue 4
212   Planning and Monetary Policy in India, Huchappa, G.T. p. 423.
213   Capital Formation and the Pattern of Savings in Developing Economies, Minocha, A.C,p. 433
214   The Food Problem and the role of Fertilizers, Gworge, P. T, p. 444.
215   An Analysis of Price Movements of Certain Agricultural Commodities Since 1939 and   Food for Peace and its Effects on Economic Development, Bhuleskhkar, A.V, p. 467.
216   Community Development Programme -- A review, Parashar, R.K, p. 489.
217   Union Governments Plan Assistance to States, Natarajan, K.V, p. 543.
218   Agricultural Development, Veerarghavan, J, p. 552.
219   Jammu & Kashmir Highlights of Progress (1947-65), p. 559.
(1965) VOLUME 8
Issue 1
220   Resource Productivity and Size of Farms, Suryanarayana, K.S, p.1             
221   Problems of Low Income Farmers in Ludhiana District, Sharma, R.C. Khahion, A.S. p.15
222   Export Promotion in India -- Problems and Possibilities, Satyanarayana, B. p. 25.
223   Finance Commissions Awards and the States Revenues, Thimmaiah, G. p. 49
224   Fair Rent Administrations: Factors Determining Efficiency, Made, K.U. p. 74.
225   The Use of Household Data in the Analysis of Housing Situation in India, Hanumantharayappa, P, p. 88.
226   Rupee Payment Agreements -- Their Role, Oel, Jitendranath, p. 135.
Issue 2
227   Capital Accumulation and the Developing Economies, charles, K.J, p. 151.
228   The Tenant as Owner: A Pioneering Experiment in Andhra Pradesh, George, P.t, p. 171.
229   The Population Distribution in Greater Bombay, Sehgal, Jag Mohan, p. 185.
230   Long-Term Planning in Pakistan, Seth, K.L, p. 198.
231   Australia -- trading Transformation of a Transition Economy, Anantaram, K, p. 208.
232   Geographical Distribution of Industrial Activity in the Punjab, Lal, S. p. 220
233   Industrial Estates in Andhra Pradesh -- Consolidation, Ramakrishna, K.T. p. 268.
Issue 3
234   The Process of Industrialisation in China Structural Changes and Developments, Shrian, O.N, p. 295.          
235   Unemployment in a Dual Economy -- A Critique of Lewis Model of Growth, Minocha, A.C, p. 308.
236   Resource Allocation in Underdeveloped Economies: A Theoretical State, Menezes, J.S,William, S, p. 351.
237   Reform of the International Monetary System, Subramaniam, S, p. 355
238   Economic Significance of Farm Family Consumption in India, Shetty, N.S, p. 360.
239   Market Margin of Processed Groundnut in Khanna Market (Ludhiana), 1964-65, Kahion, A S Balwinder, Singh, p. 403.
Issue 4
240   The Rudiments of Economic Growth and Economic Underdevelopment, Kamerschen,David R, p. 423.
241   Bottlenecks in the Context of Economic Development of Underdeveloped Areas, Acharya, T.K.T, McFariane, B.J,p.444.
242   Two Measures of Surplus Mobilisation in India Agriculture, Desai, V.G. Mutalik, p. 461.
243   Organisational Change -- A Research Model for Indian Management, Sethi, Narendra K,p. 479.
244   Open Market Operations of the Reserve Bank of India: Theory and Practices, Ghosh,Alak, p. 488.
245   A Case for Subsidised Agricuture, Sarin, L.L, p. 528.
(1966) VOLUME 9
Issue 1
246   West German Economic Reconstruction and Expansion: Achievements and Problems, Jochimsen, reimut, p.1.                
247   Economic Appraisal of Import Demand for Indian Burlap in the US Market: 1947-62,    Jain, C.L, p. 27.
248   A Contribution to the Study of Factors Associated with Working Force Participation Rates.   Namboodiri, N Krishna, p. 41.
249   Estimate of Migration in the Four Major Cities of India, 1941-51 to 1951-61, Rao, N, Baskaara, p.53.
250   Wage-Push Versus Demand-Pull Inflation: The Indian Experience, 1951-1961, Gujarati,   Damodar, p. 64.
251   Impact of Food Policy on Agricultural Development, Natarajan, K.B, p. 88.
252   Built-in-Flexibility in the Individual Income Tax in India, Ahuja, S.P, p. 93.
253   A Note on India’s Foreign Trade and Devaluation, Satyanarayan, B, p. 99.
254   Economic Aid and Trade Expansion -- Means for Parity between Industralized and Developing Countries, p. 109.
255   Effect of Devaluation of Trade Balance, Subramaniam, S, p. 111.
Issue 2
256   A Critique of Economic Equilibrium and its Operational Significance, Somesekhara, N p.121.       
257   Four Fallacies Regarding the Population Situation in Underdeveloped Countries, Kamerschen, David R, p. 145.
258   Role of Commercial Banks in Mobilising Resources for Economic Development with Special  Reference to India, Hukku, V.N, p. 186.
259   GATT and Quantitative restrictions, Gupta, K. R, p. 202.
260   Industrial Policy and Development in Ceylon, Kanesalingam, V, p. 217.
261   Nationalisation of Banks in India: A Pragmatic view, Menezes, J S Williams, p. 244.
Issue 3
262   Productivity Trends in India Cement Industry, Sawhney, P. K, p 255          
263   Foreign Exchange for India’s Development Plans, Rao, M.S. Prakasa, p. 272.
264   The Technique of Planning in Pakistan, Japan and India: A Comparison, Seth, K L, p. 292.
265   Screening the Pre-Devaluation Crisis and Post-Devaluation Prognoses Bhadovria, p. 302.
266   Balances in India’s Fourth Five Year Plan: A Critical Assessment, Menezes, J. S William, p. 326.
267   A Unique Credit System for Small Industries, Vepa, Ram K, p. 343.
268   The Term Structure of Interest Rates -- A Theoretical Evaluation, Sethi, Narendra K, p. 365.
Issue 4
269   Economic Aspects of Population Growth in India, Singh, D Bright, p. 373. 
270   Screening the Pre-Devaluation Crisis and Post-Devaluation Prognoses-11, Bhadouria, Brijendra P S, p. 390.
271   Making Individual Farm Adjustments Through Synthetic Models of Optimum Cropping Patterns (A Case Study of IADP District Ludhiana, Punjab), Kapur, Tilk Raj, Hahion,     A.S, p 416.
272   Increase in Employment in India, during the Second Five Year Plan (1956-61), Bhardwaj, Ramesh K, p. 435.
273   Studies in the External Trade-Flows of an Indian Major Port, 1901-1961, Pankaj, T, p. 450
274   A Study of the Effect of Rainfall on Remissions in Cuddapah District, Sastry, R.M, Raghupathi, T, p. 474.
275   Reorganisation of a Farm: A Case Study, Mehta, Prakash, p. 478.
476   A Note on Models, Rao s Rama Subba, p. 485.
(1967) VOLUME 10
Issue 1
277   On Going Transformation Through Planned Economic Development, Sahni, Balbir S, p. 1.
278   Economic System and Economic Efficiency, Tangri, Shanti S, p. 18.
279   Price Policy in Public Enterprises, Keshava, G.P, p. 30.
280   Underemployment in Agriculture and its measurements, Mitra, Ashoke K, p. 51.
281   Urbanization and Urban Development in ECAFE Countries, Zachariah, K C, Ambannavar, Jaipa, P, p.58.
282   Investment Decisions in unorganised Money Markets, Karkal, G.L, p. 81.
Issue 2
283   Social Structure and Economic Development: A Historical Review, Acharya, T.K.T,McFarlane, B.J, p. 93.
284   Farm Supply Response: A Case Study of the Bombay Region, Sawhney, B.L, p. 100.
285   Profit Making in Public Undertakings, Gupta, K.P. p. 113.
286   A Family Budget Analysis of Tribals in the Andhra Agency 1964-65, Murthy,
287   The Sino-Soviet Rift: A Terms of Trade Analysis, Fan, Liang Shing, Lim, Tien Mo, p. 148
288   Parable and Realism in India’s Devaluation, Hajra, S, Hajra, R, p. 155.
289   Patents and Developing Countries, Parella, Donald, J, p. 186.
290   Malaysia’s Uphill Struggle for Economic Development, Kapoor, C.L, p. 189.
Issue 3
291   Commerical Banks and Agricultural Finance, Huchappa, G.T, p. 201.
292   Growth Potential in Indian Agriculture, Desai, V.G Mutalik, p. 211.
293   Patinkin’s Macro-Model: Reconsidered, Kangayappan, K, p. 226.
294   Special Control Vs Nationalisation of Commercial Banks, Basanna, H, p. 246.
295   Special Drawing Rights: A Critical Appraisal -- With Special Reference to Underdeveloped Countries Including India, Gupta, R.D, p. 256.
296   Techniques and Methods of Cost-Benefit analysis -- A Case Study of an Urban Inter-Section, Srinivasan, N.S, Muthuswamy, S, p. 275.
297   On Speculation, Kumaraswamy, M.R, p. 325.
298   Indo-UK trade Relations and Implications of UKs ECM Entry Analysed, Kumar, P, p 330.
299   Land Reforms and Credit -- A Study in Andhra Pradesh, George, P.T, p. 337.
300   Deficit Finance in the Fourth Plan, Mahajan, V.S, p. 342..
Issue 4
301   Techniques and Methods of Cost-Benefit Analysis -- A Case Study of and Urban Inter-    Section, Srinivasan, N.S, Muthuswamy, S, p. 355.
302   Power Orientation of Life Irrigation -- A Case Study of Potentialities and Situation in South Kanara District, Shetty, H.V, p. 371.
303   The Extent of Rural Industralisation in India -- A State-wise Analysis in the light of 1961 Census, Sinha, B.P, p. 389.
304   A Study of Dock Labour at the Port of Cochin, Pankaj, T, p. 404.
305   International Monetary Reform: A Critique, Sothi, Narendra K, p. 420.      
306   Inflationary Recession: A Fiscal Analysis, Gandhi, Ved P, p. 435.
307   Land Redistribution as a measure of Agrarian Reform in India: The Issues of Debate, Jha, S.C, p. 465.
308   Structural Analysis of Interest Rates on Consumption Loans in an Indian village,   Karam Singh, p. 471.
309   Recent Trends in Economics of Education and Economics of Educational Planning, Padmanabhan, C.B, p. 476.


(1969) VOLUME 11
Issue 1
310   Industralisation via Import Substitution in Developing Countries, Minocha, A.C, p.1.
311   The Role of Savings in Indian Planning, Sahni, Balbir S, p. 20.
312   Ministerial Control of Public Enterprises, Guputa, K.R, p. 35.
313   Quantitative Relationship between Wages, Non-Wage Income and Price Based on the Input Output Table for the Indian Economy 1959, gupta, T.R, p. 50.
314   Unit Cost of Education -- A Case Study of Haryana College, Dutta, Ruddar, p. 65.
315   Trade Union Wage Policy Aziz Abdul, p. 81.
316   Some Hard Lessons for Fourth Plan, Mahajan, V. S, p.102.
317   Seasonal Unemployment -- The Concept and Measurement, Mitra, Ashoke K, p. 106.
Issue 2
318   Role of Farm and Farm Family Size in Determining Cropping Pattern in the Punjab, Kahion, A.S, Sharma, A.C, p. 117.
319   Analysis of the Trends in the Sources of Funds of the non-Financial Companies in India during 1951-66, Srinivasan, E.S, p. 131.
320   PL 480 Counterpart Funds and Inflation: Myth and Reality, Srivastava, U.K, p. 145.
321   Estimation and Projection of the Working Force in Greater Bombay, Nag, A, p.160.
322   The International Financial Imbroglio: the Indian quandary, Iyengar, S. Kesava, p. 173.
323   Allocation Efficiency in Agriculture in Madras State, Venugopalacharyulu, N, p. 216.
324   Land Reform in Economic Development: A Case Study from Latin America, Sethi, Narendra, K, p. 221.
325   Elimation of the Sales Tax Burden on Exports, Mahler, Walter, p. 227.
Issue 3
326   Relationship Between Size and Productivity in Selected Indian Industry, Prakash, Prem, p. 237.   
327   An Inter District, Inter-Crop Comparison of Growth Rates in Agriculture in Kerala, Pillai, P.P, p. 249.
328   An Application of Inter-Industry Analysis to Demand Structure of the Indian Economy,Gupta, T.R, p. 260.
329   Some Reflections on Systems of Social Accounts -- A review Article, Maskin, Balwant Singh, p. 273.
330   Upward Occupational Mobility Through Education and Age, Ambannavar, Jaipal, P, p.290.
331   Land Tenures in India -- Results of 1961 Census, George, P.T, p. 317.
332   Different Inputs as Related to Apple Output in Kulu District, Mehta, prakash, p. 325.
Issue 4
333   Need for a Growth -- Oriented Industry Policy, Sharma, L.R, p. 333.
334   Domestic terms of Trade and Inter-Sectoral Income Flows in India: 1952-53 to 1966-67, Kumar, Pushpendra, p. 349.
335   The Co-operative Caravan: A Casual Causerie, Iyengar, S Kesava, p. 363.
336   Measurement of Disguised Unemployment in an Underdeveloped Economy -- AnEconomic Approach, Uppa, J.S, p. 405.
337   Tax Efforts of States, Sehgal, R.K, p. 438.
338   The Pardox of Rull Capacity Vs Full Employment Growth, Swamy, M.R. K, 446.


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