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Aims & Objectives National Centre for Theoretical and Applied Economic Research  

Projects, studies since inception

List of Survey Reports, Studies Conducted, Projects Completed and Publications.

PART – 1
Period 1953 - 1975
Socio Economic Survey

  • A socio economic and health survey of street beggars in Hyderabad – Secunderabad City area (1956).
  • Socio economic survey of Hyderabad – Secunderabad City area (1957).
  • A socio economic survey of hut dwellers in Hyderabad City (1959).
  • A socio economic survey of Rickshaw drivers in Hyderabad City (1962).
  • A socio economic survey of class III employees of the State Government in Hyderabad City (1964 – 65).

Industrial Studies

  • Report on a review of Government of India’s Policy to private companies with foreign capital and its significance for the Vazir Sultan Tobacco Co. Ltd (1969).
  • Report on the development operations of the Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company and their impact on rural economy: A case study (1969).

Small industries Survey

  • Survey of metal based small scale industries in Hyderabad – Secunderabad area (1963).
  • Report on the marketing of products of small industries in Hyderabad District (1968 -69).
  • Report on an evaluation study of Small scale industries development in Andhra Pradesh vis-à-vis the role of the Andhra Pradesh small scale industrial development co-operation (1970).
  • Report on the survey of small scale industries in Hyderabad (1970 -71).
  • Report on small artisans in Hyderabad: Credit needs (1970-71).

Working class survey

  • Report on an enquire into the Life Insurance and Provident Fund Problems of Low income Employees in shops and establishments in Hyderabad –Secunderabad Area (1956).

Industrial Relations

  • A report on Industrial Relations : Case Studies of two industrial establishments in Andhra Pradesh (1957)

Agriculture, Irrigation, etc

  • Supply of Electricity  to Agriculture for Lift Irrigation – Effects on cost of production(1962-63)


  • A Fact Finding Enquiry into the working of the Primary Cooperative Agricultural Credit Societies in Hyderabad State.
  • A pilot Study of Field Labourers Cooperative Societies in Andhra Pradesh (1963)-Research Programme Committee of Planning Commission.

Urban growth centre and diffusion studies:

  • A Study of the impact of the growth of Kothagudem town on the economy of some of the neighboring villages (1964-65)
  • Industrial Growth of greater Hyderabad since 1951 (1971-72)

Rural Studies:

  • Report on the Emerging Pattern of Rural Leadership in Andhra Pradesh (1966)
  • Evaluation Study of Rural Community Workshops and Employment market Information Centres in Andhra Pradesh (1966-68)

Backward Classes –cultural and economic studies:

  • Report on the Study of Economic Development and Cultural Chance of Tribals in Andhra Pradesh (1966-68)

Housing :

  • Study of production of houses as a result of ‘central’ and ‘de-control’ of rent in Hyderabad City (1964-65)

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