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Published Articles in Asian Economic Review


(1958) Volume-I


Issue 1                  
1        Role of the Merchant Navy of Independent Indian, Master, M.A, p.1         
2.       Problems of Research in Social Sciences with Particular Reference to Developing                                                Economies, Gopal, M.H. p.10.
3.       Input-Output Analysis, Sastry, N.S.R, p.26
4.       Economics of Quality Control in Industry, Ekambaram, S.K. p. 42.
5.       The Reserve System of the Reserve Bank of India, Thomas, PC. p.45.
6.       What is Wrong with the Second Research in Economic Problems, Iyengar, S.R. p.65.
7.       The Role of Statistical Research in Economic Problems, Iyengar, S.R. p. 65               
8.       The Reform of Land Tenures in the Zamindari Regions of  Madras State since  Independence, Ramaswami, A.p.70 
9.       The Indian Working Force and the American Labour Force: A Broad Analysis,                                                   Anantaraman, V.p.70.      
10.     Planning with unbalanced Growth and India’s Second Five Year Plan, Chaudhuri, Asoke Kumar, p. 94       
Issue 2                  
11     Stability of the Indian rupee? Shenoy, B.R. p.117            
12     Some Thoughts on Management and Education in India? Dasgupta, A. p.124         
13     Growth Curves and Railway Statistics, Iyengar, S.R. Nair, P.A. Ramachandran p143
14     The Pattern of Industrial Finance in India in the Post-War Period, Velayudhan, S. p. 151
15     Capital Accumulation: Choice of Techniques, Raghavan, J.V. p.158          
16     The Concepts of Productive and unproductive labour in the Wealth of nations, Chaudhuri Asoke Kumar, p166.
17     The problem of Staffing of Institutions of Higher Education in the USA: A Salary Study Anantaraman, V, p 178    
18     The First Five Year Plan in the Southern States: A Regional Study, Narayan, B.K. p194         
Issue 3                  
19     The Role of Economics in Engineering and Scientific Development, Munshi, M.C. p. 237
20     A Note on Agricultural Productivity in India, Chatterjee Pareshnat, p.245  
21     Some Aspects of Co-Operativity Framing in India, Rao, P.S. p. 254             
22     India’s Population Growth, Shanthamma, N.S. Nair, PAR p.273   
23     Recent Trends in India’s Foreign Trade, Foreign Trade, Eapen, Jacob, p.285             
24     Fixation and Regulation of Wages-An Analytical Study, Ramachandran R.V. p293
25     The Problem of Food Grains Production in India Since 1947, Moturi, Ram Rabu, p.303
26     On Personal Income Distribution, Nair, P.A. Ramachandran, p.318             
27     Second Five year Plan in the Southern States- A Regional Study, Narayan, B.K. p.324
Issue 4                  
28     Linear Programming, Chakrabarti, M.C. p.367  
29     Structure of Assets and Liabilities of the Banking Department of the Reserve Bank of
         India, Thomas, P.C. p.374      
30     Commercial Banks and Rural Credit, Mathew, C.T. p.387             
31     Joint Stock Companies in a Socialist Pattern of Society-An Economic Interpretation,
         Chatterjee, Pareshnat, p. 339 
32     The Wealth of National and Underdeveloped  Countries, Chaudhuri, Asoke Kumar, p.415.
33     Technological Choices, Capital Intensity and Economic Development, Sastry, D.V. p.432

(1959)    Volume 2  

Issue I                   
34     Statistical Background of the Rural Economic Survey in India, Vaidyanathan, M.p.1
35     Operation of Public Enterprises: An Estimate, Subbaramaiah, S.p.21          
36     The Simplex Method in Linear Programming, Husain, QM, p.31   
37     Capital-Output Ratios in Indian Manufacturing Industry, Sastry, DU, p, 40               
38     Statistical Estimation of Economic Relationships, Maddala, G.S. p.56        
39     Industrial Finance in the Post-War period: The Problem of Internal Finance, Velayadhan, S, p.70       
40     The Role of Taxation in Planned Economics Development, Ray, N.C, p.79               
41     A Note on the Belgian Economy, p.107              
42     The Techno-Economics Survey in Andhra Pradesh, p.112              
Issue 2                  
43     The Outlook for the Third Plan, Pillai, V.R. p.141              
44     Economic Aspect of Road Transport in Punjab, Ramanadham, V.V. Nagea, N. K. p. 159
45     Techniques of Economic Mobilization in the Soviet Seven Year Plan, Clairmonte, Frederick F. p.117
46     A Note on the Build Up of the Third Five Year Plan, Mukerji, K.p.197        
47     Mathematical Aspects of Quality Control in Industries, Vaidyanathan, M, p. 206    
48     An Extension of Dr. Paris’s –Whose cost of Living? Iyengar, N. Sreenivasa p.224    
49     Principal of Confounding in 3 Design in Agricultural Experiments in India: Its Economic Effect by Reduction in         Expenditure on Agricultural Experimentation, Vaidyanathan, M. Rao, P Umamaheswara p.231         
50     Significance of Small Small-Scale Industries for the Indian Economy, Ramakrishna, K.T. p.248     
51     A Note on Linear Programming, Vaidyanathan, M, p. 285             
Issue 3                  
52     The Case of Indirect Taxation in underdeveloped Countries, Ghose, D.C. p.316       
53     Some Aspects of the Corporate Financial Structure in the Cotton Textile Industry, Saradhi,S.P. Vijaya,p.329               
54     Industrial Peace and the Five year plans, Rao, M.R. Ganapathy, p.346      
55     The European Common Market, Lakshmanna, P.356    
56     Adam Smith on International Economics, Chaudhuri, Asoke Kumar, p.366              
57     A Study of Trends in Monthly Consumer Food Price Indices of Working Class in Telangana Area of Andhra Pradesh          during 1948 to 1959, Samuel, C, p. 378             
58     Population Projections for some language groups in India, Shanthamma, N.S. p 389
59     Some Aspects of Housing Problems of Women Teachers in Hyderabad, Sarada, K.p.398
Issue 4                  
60     Foreign Capital in Economic Development, Sylva, Nalini, p. 437  
61     The Fiduciary Cover of India’s Note-Issue, Thomas, P.C. p. 451  
62     Some Aspects of Economic Life in Davangero: A Study in urbanization, Sastry. D.U, p.467
63     The Economic Aspects of Statistical Quality Control Applied to Textile Mills in India, Vidyanathan, M, p. 490    
64     The Regulatory Regime in Indian Economy, Pankajaakshan, T. p.504       
65     Statistics and managerial Decisions in Industry, Ekambaram, S.K. p.522   

66     Labour Participation in Management, Rao, A.S. Jagannadha, p.527

(1960)    Volume 3             


Issue 1                  
67     Congestion and Over-Crowding in Cities and Towns: A Scrutiny of some popular beliefs, Perthe, Vasant .P. p.1         
68     Some Aspects of Social Life in Davangre: A Study in Urbanization, Sastry D.U. p.12
69     Retirement Benefits and College Insurance Plan in American Higher Educational    Institutions, Anantaraman, V. p.25 
70     A Note on the Theory of Games in its Application to Problems in Economics Analysis Panchamukhi, V.R. p.33   
71     Differential Growth Vs Balanced Area Development: some Theoretical Considerations, Nair P.A. p.46      
72     Degree of Industrial Concentration in U.P, Tyagi, K, p.53               
73     Land Utilisation Pattern-A Perspective, Bansil, P.C. p.97 
74     On Planning Methodology of the Third Five year Plan, Panchamukhi, V.R. p.113    
75     Indirect Taxation in the States, Ghose, D.C. p.123            
76     Method of Balance in Planning, Vaidyanathan, K.E. p.132           
77     Occupational and Employment Pattern in the Consumption Goods Industries in India,
         Venkatramaiah, P. p.138        
78     Why the Soviet Union is in a position to Abolish Taxes? Karepov, B. p.177               
79     A Note on International Buffer Stock Scheme for Tea, Sarkar, Gautam Kumar, p.181
Issue 3                  
80     External Assistance for Five Year Plans, Master, M.A. p.211         
81     The Growth of Population in Mysore City: A Critical Examination, Ekambaram, S.K,
         Krishnasastry, K.V. Shanthamma, N.S, p. 236  
82     Agriculture Potential of India, Bansil, P.C. p. 243              
83     Wage Policy in a Planned Economy, Ray, N.C. p. 263     
84     The Problem of Capital Formation in India, Veeraraghavachar, S M. p. 273             
85     Economics of Peasant and Tenant Farming: A Case Study, Sonachalam, K.S. p.285
Issue 4                  
86     The Concept of Optimum Population, Mahajan V.S. p. 362          
87     Some Reflections on the External Factor in Labour Productivity in India, Chatterjee
         Pareshnath, p.371    
88     Labour Force in Kerala, 1951-66, George, M.V, p.388     
89     Irrigation Criteria and the Role of Well Irrigation in the Context of the Eastern Districts of Uttar Pradesh, Parashar,          R.K, p.399           
90     Land Reforms and policy Against Third Five Year plan, Rajamani, A.N. p.417        
91     Public Aid to Small Scale Industries, Ramakrishna, K.T, p.436     

92     A Note on Planning in Pakistan, Huda, M. H, p.485
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