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Indian Institute of Economics was established in 1953, as a National Centre for Theoretical and Applied Economics Research. The Asian Economic Review started in 1958, as the Journal of the Indian Institute of Economics, encouraged dissemination of scientific economic ideas and research, and is of independent persuasion. It is published in April, August and December.
Contributions are invited for publication in the journal with the following guidelines.

1. Paper submitted should be original unpublished work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

2. The first page of the manuscript should contain the following information (i) title, (ii) the Author(s) name and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s); (iii) an abstract of not more that 150 words. A footnote on the same sheet should give the name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the authors(s).

3. The article manuscripts must be in English and should be typed on one-side only of A4 paper in double line spacing with wide margins. All pages should be numbered consecutively. Titles and subtitles should be short. References, Tables and Figures should be printed in separate pages. Tables and figures should contain self explanatory titles on the top. Tables should not duplicate results in graphs.

4. Contributors are requested to limit the size of their paper to 5000 words with due reference or citations and notes. Authors should also submit articles on CD disc using Word processor like MS-word or ASCII format. Two copies of details of authors name, file name of the software package and version should be sent along with the CD/ Email (Articles with Floppy Diskette will not be accepted). Article text should not contain the name of the Author(s). 

5. Acknowledgements and the information on grants received can be given in a footnote, which should not be included in the consecutive numbering of footnotes.

6. Reference: Only those references should be cited with the surname of the author(s) along with the year of publication, page numbers, in brackets. Reference should be complete in all respects.

7. Displayed formulae should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript as (1), (2) etc., against the right-hand margin of the page. In case where the derivation of formulate has been abbreviated it would of help to the referees if the full derivation is presented on a separate sheet (not to be published).
The Journal is not responsible for the views of contributors, plagiarism or publication elsewhere of the articles submitted to it. Articles that do not follow these guidelines are liable for rejection. Referee’s comments will be forwarded if revision is suggested.

Five offprints of the paper published are supplied free of charge to the authors(s).
Communications relating to contributions, mutual exchange and book reviews may be addressed to Editor, Asian Economic Review, The Indian Institute of Economics, Federation House, 11-6-841, Red Hills, Hyderabad-500 004. (India).
Phone (O) 040-23393512, Fax: 91-40-23395083, Email: iieaer@yahoo.com







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